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Author Topic: Free Webinars on FXstreet.com  (Read 47908 times)
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Mitakuye Oyasin

« on: Friday, May 23, 2008 - 14:35 »

Thanks to our friends at www.FXstreet.com we now have several recorded webinars which you can watch for free...
To find out about other webinars coming up, please visit this link: Upcoming Webinars

Conversations with a Pro Trader: Cutting Your Losses [1:41:14]
95% of traders bust out in their first 6 months. We've all heard this statistic, but being among the 5% who survive (and thrive) is easier than you think! Learn about the most common mistakes made by beginning traders and the tools and techniques which can help prevent them.

Institutional Trading Strategies: The ABCs of Fibonacci [37:58]
Fibonacci need not be difficult! Andrei Knight will share his ABCD pattern which can easily be used to trade news spikes, long-term positions lasting several months, and just about everything in between.

The "Smart Stop" System [44:48]
With the "Smart Stop" System you will learn how to tighten your stops without added risk, how to choose appropriate stops which fit each unique situation, and how to lock in your profits as the price moves in your favor. Learn the "other 90%" which most trading systems neglect in their search for the perfect entry signal.

Special on FX Options [34:27]
Learn how to use options as an insurance policy and truly hedge your positions. More and more forex brokers are starting to offer this exciting tool, long used by hedge fund managers in the stock and futures worlds.

VOLATILITY - Friend or Foe? It Depends on the Tools You Use [1:35:14]
Whether increased volatility scares you out of the markets or presents a golden opportunity largely depends on the tools you have at your disposal. Leading hedge fund manager and educator Andrei Knight, founder of fxKnight.com will share some of his favorite indicators and techniques for trading fast-moving markets. No special software or plug-ins required these are simply things you can do with most trading platforms. Once you know what to use and what to look for, volatility can very quickly become your best friend rather than your worst enemy. Learn how the pros profit in times of uncertainty and how you can, too!

Institutional Trading Strategies 2013.10.16 [60:27]
It's no secret that bank traders move the markets. And in order to beat them at their own game, you need to be able to think like they do, and have an understanding of the tools and strategies they use. In this seminar fund manager and trading coach Andrei Knight will give you a rare glimpse into the world of forex insiders. He will also cover important topics such as trading psychology, position sizing, risk-to-reward ratios, and system expectancy - subjects often overlooked by trading "systems" which only emphasize signals for entries and exits.
More Previous Webinars:
Institutional Trading Strategies 2013.09.18 [51:50]
Institutional Trading Strategies 2013.08.07 [49:30]
Institutional Trading Strategies 2013.05.29 [1:00:46]
Institutional Trading Strategies 2013.05.08 [57:36]

Fibonacci Friday 2013.08.30 [58:02]
Fibonacci need not be difficult! Andrei Knight will share his ABCD pattern which can easily be used to trade news spikes, long-term positions lasting several months, and just about everything in between - a simple pattern which yielded a powerful 77% win ratio over the past 6 years. When Fibs are properly applied to the major moves we've seen during the week, they reveal clues as to where price is likely headed next, as well as the key support and resistance levels it is likely to encounter along the way. Here's your chance to have your favorite currency pairs and time frames analyzed by a professional trader..
More Previous Webinars:
Fibonacci Friday 2013.08.16 [60:46]
Fibonacci Friday 2013.08.02 [61:37]
Fibonacci Friday 2013.04.26 [43:01]
Fibonacci Friday 2013.04.01 [43:28]
Fibonacci Friday 2012.11.09 [39:18]
Fibonacci Friday 2012.09.28 [49:35]
Fibonacci Friday 2012.08.24 [46:09]
Fibonacci Friday 2012.07.27 [54:01]

If you enjoyed these webinars, you'll love our Pro Training: http://www.fx-knight.com/join.html

Please visit www.fxknight.com for free tools and free resources.

More recorded webinars are available at;
TradersLog Webinar Series
Free Webinars on Investing.com

Also, you can see my live presentation from the IX Investor conference in London:
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